Donate Now

Donate towards suicide prevention training programs and awareness creation. Help in Suicide Prevention India Foundation's goal to 25,000 Gatekeepers (trained to identify those who are suicidal, provide early intervention, and refer further to a mental health professional) in 2018-19.

Where will the money go?
We will use 100 percent of your contributions towards suicide training and/or suicide awareness. What this means is that your money will directly fund (completely free or partially subsidized) the training (Rs 300 for individual or Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 for instructor training) of someone who cannot afford the course.

As of now, we are training interns, students, volunteers and employees of suicide crisis helplines in India. The money will also be used for awareness creation in terms of suicide awareness workshops (schools, colleges, and workplaces), social media advertising, and other marketing collateral (car stickers, posters and so on).

You can choose to support: 1) Suicide prevention training, and/or 2) Support the awareness creation, and/or 3) Staff salaries, administrative and overheads. If you choose to support the training, we shall send you the name/s of the people and the organizations that they work for so that you know who you are supporting directly.

Please call 8033037556 or write to us at for more information.