Prevent Suicide of your Loved Ones


A suicidal individual usually wants to end their problem, not their life!


Suicide is the most preventable form of death. With 80% of suicidal individuals giving us warning signs, the chances of a loved one or an acquaintance having exhibited these signs at some point in our lives is high. They display warning signs through their behaviour, mood and the way they talk.

Given that in India, only 8 in 100,000 people are mental health practitioners, it’s integral that we, the general public, learn how to detect, support and signpost those struggling. It isn’t easy to care for a loved one who is feeling suicidal. You might be overwhelmed by your own feelings about the prospect of losing them, or afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. However,

You can help your Loved One

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These guides will help you get detailed understanding of how to adequately be there for someone who is having thoughts of suicide.

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Gatekeeper training is a WHO recommended suicide prevention strategy to help those who are emotionally distressed or potentially suicidal. Trained Gatekeepers learn to recognize signs of suicide, provide emotional support, persuade to get help, and refer those with suicidality to mental health support services.