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Take help from a Mental Health Professional

It’s normal to feel lost and confused about your life after having gone through such a traumatic experience. To avoid having a strong desire to hurt yourself in the future, it’s best to understand your current situation and take control of it. Talk to a mental health professional who can help you navigate through this crisis. It is also very important to meet a doctor to ensure your physical health is being taken care of as the mind and body are deeply interconnected. Understanding how your physical health is impacting your mental health can help you mitigate this crisis to a large extent. If your health issue is part of the problem then the doctor can also help you adjust to your new reality.

Acknowledge your current feelings

Why did I survive? I wish I were dead!
I don’t have the energy to try and feel better
I am so lonely but I can’t do this alone
What will others think of me if they find out I did this?
Maybe I survived for a reason, maybe my life will get better now?

While it will not be easy, your life CAN and WILL get better if you choose to get help. You might have experienced immense pain which led you to take this step and it might seem almost impossible to recover but there are healthier ways of coping with the negative stressors in your life. Doctors and Mental health professionals can help you do so. Make sure to be honest about your feelings so that they can make the right decisions for your safety.

After Suicide

by John H. Hewett And Paul Quinette book

It may help to talk to someone


While it's normal to be confused about the difficult emotions that you are feeling and what you have done, it's good to remember you don't have to be alone in your journey to recovery. Seek out people whom you feel safe with to share your emotions and feelings.

There may be some people in their misguided attempt to comfort you, tell you how to feel and what to feel and there may even be some who offer unhelpful advice that you should have known better. It is okay for you to put a distance between yourself and them, to set boundaries and choose whom you want to talk to and share only that much information you are comfortable to share.

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Suicide Prevention India Foundation is NOT a suicide crisis helpline. The content has been written by mental health experts but is not a substitute for medical advice. Use all resources at your discretion.
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